Why book a second opinion at GGDS?


Why book a second opinion at GGDS?

-Passion for natural beauty and confidence in science
-25 years of experience
-Biomimetic approach
-Fully independent practice
-Total commitment to patient care

With 25 years of experience Dr Bianca Piscioneri understands that long-term results can only be achieved by combining a true passion for nature and an inherent respect for science.

Dr Piscioneri's love for natural beauty was formed at an early age when growing up on the family farm in Europe, she was surrounded by natural beauty - from the vineyards that circled her family home, to the communal apple tree that supplied abundant seasonal fruit and even her grandmothers heartfelt warmth. It is this lifelong appreciation for natures beauty that has led her to the integration of Biomimetic (mimicking nature) Dentistry principles into general dentistry.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry? Biomimetic Dentistry simply focuses on the preservation and conservation of your own natural teeth. Instead of relying upon dental replacements the Biomimetic way strives to retain as much of the natural tooth as possible. The science is based on the understanding that Mother Nature got it right to begin with so why would we look to reinvent the human tooth? Instead, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry we should mimic the structure and materials of the natural tooth. This 'biomimicry' results in a tooth that is not only more natural, but also more aesthetic, stronger, and longer lasting.

GGDS is a proudly independent dental practice as this allows us to make the right decisions on behalf of our patients, always, without fear or favour. We search the globe for innovation in order to bring you the highest quality options when making treatment decisions.

Dr Piscioneri is a recipient of scholarships in Restorative and Adhesive Dentistry, was a past recipient of the Australia and New Zealand Endodontic prize and is a current member of professional organisations including the Australian Dental Association, the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Do you have a cracked tooth? A broken crown? Perhaps a damaged filling or implant failure? If so, book a second opinion appointment today to experience the GGDS difference.

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