What's the best toothbrush I should be using?


A toothbrush is an everyday essential but with so many variants on the market, how do you know what is best for you, your teeth and mouth? Our hygienist Agnes breaks this down for us:

"With so many options available on the supermarket shelves, it's easy to get confused and overwhelmed, as many well-known dental brands compete amongst themselves for your attention, all claiming to be the best.

There are two main options available, being manually operated toothbrushes and electric. Considering the manual variety only, key elements such as size, simplicity and bristle tension act as guidance for choosing the perfect toothbrush.

Always look for a small-size head; aiming at no more than 2cm in length and 1cm in width. Toothbrushes need to access some very narrow areas of your dental anatomy and will be competing for access with your tongue and gag- reflex, so having a large brush will only obstruct its access and thus function.

The brush should also only have bristles on it, don't fall for additional complex features that claim to floss whilst you brush your teeth, flossing is a completely separate activity and therefore requires its own method and tools to achieve this. Additional features also make the brush head larger thus impeding its function.

Bristles should also be slim, soft and if possible tapered. The tapering of tip- ends of bristles allows for more accurate and deeper cleaning along the gum margins where plaque bacteria hides. Remembering that we are brushing the gums and teeth simultaneously at certain points, the softer the bristles- the more flexion they have to gently access and massage the gum margins, without causing trauma to the gums.

Alternatively, if bristles are harder, more 'push' force from your arm is required to flex the bristles against your gums. This can cause permanent gum recession and other systematic/damaging consequences for your teeth. So look for key words on packaging such as 'super- soft' or 'ultra- soft', as the word 'soft' on its own has many different variables applied to its density by each manufacturer, and may not necessarily be as soft as it claims to be."

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