We're Lifting the 'Shades of Grey' on Teeth Whitening

If you've ever thought about teeth whitening then you've likely shut that door almost as quickly. It's an absolute minefield of conflicting information. Who should you trust? Do you buy a home kit? Should I see the dentist? How does it work? How much should it cost? How long will it take? How 'white' will my teeth be? Where do you start? There are so many questions and far too many options. Below we hope to set out some of the pros and cons of teeth whitening to help you find your own perfect white smile. 

Walk, and Smile, Like an Egyptian. 
Teeth whitening can be traced way back to the ancient Egyptians and their whitening paste that was made from ground-down pumice stone and wine vinegar. White teeth were a mark of beauty and a sign of wealth.  Jump forward a couple of thousand years and the Romans were whitening their teeth using urine, yes urine. The ammonia in urine was the bleaching agent. 

In the 17th century people looked to their barbers for hair cuts and also teeth care. The Barber would 'file down' teeth and apply an acid that would whiten them. Goodbye enamel, hello decay! ​We then had a very long wait until Fluoride, thankfully, made its way into our daily lives through toothpastes and our household taps. ​

"These are our own whitening systems that have been developed to deliver natural radiance that lights the face and accentuates your unique smile"

Dr Bianca Piscioneri, 2020
How are Teeth Whitened?
Teeth whitening is sometimes referred to as teeth bleaching as the whitening effect is achieved, in most processes, by using hydrogen peroxide or via products that release hydrogen peroxide when they are mixed with air or water. In Australia, only a dental practitioners, such as us, can use products that release more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. Some dental whitening systems use up to 30% hydrogen peroxide to quickly permeate deep into the enamel structure. The weaker the concentration the less penetration of the tooth enamel. 

Although hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in most whitening products, including our own Strålende Scandinavia® whitening system, some take-home whitening gels contain carbamide peroxide or sodium perborate but both of these break down to release hydrogen peroxide. 

Should you See a Dentist? Visit a Cosmetic Clinic? Try a DIY Solution? 
There is a difference between teeth whitening by a dentist versus in a cosmetic setting, and the doit-yourself home kits. But, of course, we would say that, however lab-based research suggests teeth whitening by dentists not only brightens teeth but that it actually increases the strength of the enamel, making it more resistant to erosion from acid. However, home whitening was shown to increase the loss of mineral content within the enamel which, over time, could lead to weakness. The research suggests home whitening products should be used under the supervision of a dentist as, when used excessively, over time it could lead to tooth damage. 

As our founding dentist, Dr Bianca Piscioneri, explains "Most dentists, like GGDS, will take a mould of your teeth and use this mould to make a bespoke whitening tray to ensure only your teeth are whitened and you are not potentially burning your gums". 

If you're looking at a hydrogen peroxide free alternative please research carefully as these systems and products are very unlikely whiten teeth. Last of all, you really should have a dental check-up prior to undertaking any whitening as you may need to consider additional factors such as dental restorations, tooth-coloured fillings, veneers and crowns as they won't 'whiten' as the process will only affect natural teeth. 

"A dental professional will be able to assess, predictably identify potential issues, review and discuss recommendations with the patient to ensure the best whitening outcomes are achieved." says Dr Piscioneri.​

Our GGDS Difference.
If you've got this far you're hopefully a little more clued-up than you were 5 minutes ago so we can now present the GGDS process and recommendation - the Strålende Scandinavia® Whitening Systems.

Dr Pisconeri again, "These are our own systems that have been developed to deliver natural radiance that lights the face and accentuates your unique smile. Not everyone wants the whitest of white 'blingy' Hollywood smile so our Dental Hygienist will take the time to to determine your current shade and what you want to achieve from our tooth whitening processes. Our teeth whitening systems are safe, non-surgical and are supported by a Vitamin E serum to help promote gum and soft tissue health during the whitening process."

The GGDS premium Strålende Scandinavia® teeth whitening process is then completed, slowly, over a series of appointments in order to achieve the optimal results and create your most beautiful smile. The Strålende Scandinavia® tooth whitening system includes:

  • Design and lab production of your custom whitening trays
  • All whitening products including toothpastes, toothbrushes and equipment specific to the whitening procedure
  • Naturally derived vitamin E serum to be used on the lips and soft tissues to help with gum rehydration, rejuvenation and cellular repair
  • Post-procedure care and instructions including the follow-up take-home kit
  • All in chair teeth whitening appointments at GGDS

For those who are time-poor and looking for a faster approach GGDS also offer the 'Express' Strålende Scandinavia® system - by reducing some of the Hygienist appointments and also the waiting time for bespoke trays you'll be able to show off your perfect pearly whites in no time at all.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how GGDS can help you achieve your perfect smile please give us a call or book an appointment today. 
Confidence in science. Beauty in nature. Teeth for life®

View our unboxing video of our GGDS take home after care gift box. It has been beautifully packaged to contain all products needed to support the whitening process:


Unboxing the GGDS Teeth Whitening After Care Gift Box - YouTube

Introducing Strålende Scandinavia Teeth Whitening! A system designed to deliver a natural radiance that brightens the teeth and accentuates your smile. Deliv...

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